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I know this is a sims journal, but a lot of the people I have friended are writers. So this is my plea to them. I play on a site called and it's a text based Role playing game set in the 1920's 1930s. There's ranking, families, criming, drugs, gambling and most importantly writing.
I joined because I get horrible writers block, as many do, and posting on there cures it.

The best feature the site has is the business district where you can write out the bar, shop, club, pub, casino, Tailor of your dreams. You design it, you put the words into pictures. And then people come and post with you.

Which is the part that cures my writers block, because even if your story idea is a bit humdrum anyone can come in and make it more exciting.

So please, Join and mail Adelia (Me) and I'll help you out and get you started. We need more players and it's fun! I promise!

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The Balderdash' suffered a mishap when I took out my downloads folder to re-work them, and instead of just redecorating their house I took the chance to move them completely! Horrah!

I spent about 2 hours on this mainly because the greenhouse was seriously pissing me off. Google didn't help and in the end I just figured it out myself.

So here we have it, some prettiful pictures of a house that still needs some work (And more CC.)

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So I learned how to clutter today. Started by making an asylum, realized I liked the sims far to much to kill them so I moved them all out, got one killed, had two marry... and then I made those two a house! YAY!

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I know I've been going around randomly adding people and such, with out so much as a comment. (Promise to get to it, today.) I'm WickedYDork from GoS and some of you I grabbed from Pooklet's recomendations and some of you I'm just grabbing off your links on GoS.

Promise I am not a 60 year old man trying to give you some candy, k?

So here I'll post a different legacy (Maybe) and pictures and things. I'm trying to learn how to re-color hair but so far I am full of fail :( We'll see how it goes, maybe I'll start uploading things here as well.

Ps. What are some good guy hair sites? Raon? XMsims? Peggy? I know theres more, Im just having a massive brain fart. *Pfffft*


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